Filter rod maker for NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters.




  • Product: The NWA filter is a monoacetate filter without paper. Only tow and triacetine to constitute the filter. Same PD variety as a standard filter. NWA filter is available in king size, slim, super-slim and lower than the 5 mm format. NWA filter is used as single or in combination with other filter tips.
  • Special Products: menthol flavoured filters, flavoured capsule filters, thread filters, shaped filters (see MONO SHAPED).


  • The main advantages of NWA filter are:

- Cost reduction for no plug wrap, no glue

- Easy and cheap to ventilate cigarettes thanks to the no presence of filter paper.

- A good level of tar and nicotine retention
- Same taste of standard filters.
- Nice external appearance as the cigarette filtered tip is wrapped only by tipping paper
- Ideal for rolling your own cigarette (RYO), suitable to cigarette tubes (MYO).


  • Innovative NWA manufacturing process for utmost filter quality standards, protected by international patent application.
  • Electronic machine to allow flexibility, quick product tuning and quick size-change.
  • Easy of use and maintenance
  • Available steam generator on-board




  • Mechanical speed: up to 400 mt /min, depending on product type and materials
  • MONO absorbed power: 15 Kw
  • Steam generator absorbed power: 35 Kw (can vary on product specs)
  • Weight (approx): 6000 Kgs



Mono machine is available for link-up to RCF tray filler to provide a full complete line.
It can be integrated with MASSFILTER machine for direct massflow feeding to your cigarette makers.
It can be integrated in the combined filter rod production line for direct feeding of COMBI machine.

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