Casepacker with horizontal carton feeding, easely adjustable in size to different mastercase dimensions. Small layout, unchanged with tear tape and/or hot-melt closure.



  • Product: typically 10,000 and 5,000 cig mastercases; other sizes.
  • Adjustable size in the 3 mastercase dimensions thanks to the regulation of 3 handwheels; as optional, the machine can be set with motors to set the size form the touch panel.
  • Ideal also for the cigar industry, thanks to its quick size change.
  • Positive mastercase carton opening.
  • Positive mastercase evacuation, through motorised belts.
  • High carton magazine capacity.
  • Quality control: each carton presence control.
  • Tape bobin holders are outside the safety guards, so that the operator can joint the tape without stopping the machine.
  • Same machine layout with tear tape and/or hot-melt closure.
  • Compact layout, on board electrical cabinet.



  • Mechanical speed: up to 5 cycles/min.
  • Main movements: with cams.
  • Max power: 5 Kw (with hot-melt closure)
  • Weight (approx): 1950 kgs
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