Massfilter is a filter Buffer to be used in a direct link between the filter rod maker and the combiners (or the cigarette makers).
Massfilter is also adopted as a tray unloader to feed a filter shooter.

Efficient and price competitive.




  • Product: any type of filters, including super slim and special filters; it is adjustable in size, no format parts required.
  • No need to change filters from carton box into plastic tray.
  • Labor saving: no need of dedicated operator
  • Space saving: very compact layout (2000 x 600)
  • No filter receiving unit required
  • No need of compressed air
  • Cost saving on the maintenance: very simple to use and simple to maintain; almost zero consumption in spare parts.




  • Speed: up to 10.000 filter/min
  • Filter capacity: approx. 48.000 filters (about 10 filter trays)
  • Product range: filter length (84 - 120 mm), filter diameter (5-8 mm)
  • Max power: 2 Kw
  • Weight (approx): 1000 kgs
  • Electronics: PLC Siemens S7
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