Crimping unit to produce paper filters or filter with other special materials. The Crimping unit can be integrated with the MONO rod forming section or it cab be supplied as a freestanding unit with integrated cabinet to be interfaced to any other rod maker. Very modern and compact unit, with 2 bobbins, crimping rollers in single piece, crimping ratio adjustable from the touch panel.



  • Product: tipically used for producing paper filters, crimping conventional crepe paper. Suitable to different materials, capable to reach good hardness and homogeneous crimpingalong the filter thanks to a precise paper tension balancing system. Suitable all filter diameters, no size parts required
  • Special Products: flavouring unit, additive spraying unit, granulate insertion kit.
  • The main advantages of paper filters are:

- Cost reduction, paper cost considerably less than tow
- Good filtration properties
- Ideal for combining filters and for RYO.


  • 2 paper bobbins
  • Very precise paper tensioning system
  • Crimping rollers made in a single piece and independently motorized
  • Crimping ratio adjustable from the touch panel
  • Automatic speed balancing
  • Electronic machine to allow flexibility
  • Easy of use and maintenance



  • Mechanical speed: up to 450mt /min, depending on product type and materials
  • Weight: 3000 Kgs
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