COMBI for Filter tips wrapped in film

Special set up of COMBI, handling slim, superslim and ultraslim NWA baserods and wrapping them in transparent film.




  • Product: NWA cutted tips in film wrap used as a dispenser for roll your own. Typical format: 14 mm tip lenght, 6up equal to 84 mm; tipically in slim or superslim size.
  • Wrapping material: film instead of conventional paper.
  • The most innovative combining principle with segments positively controlled in anular horizontal tracks (innovation protected by international Patent application).
  • Extreme flexibility: the size change is a matter of very few parts and few minutes.
  • Fully electronic machine with axes to allow quick set-up via touch panel.
  • Operator friendly, ease to use.





  • Speed: up to 3000 rods/min.
  • Tipical format: 14 mm tip length, 6up equal to 84 mm.
  • Tipical diameters: slim, superslim and ultraslim.





  • Upstream: Hoppers can be fed directly and automatically by massflow system collecting the production of the MONO NWA filter rod maker; an overhead Buffer between COMBI and MONO NWA, grants the necessary production flexibility.
  • Cost effectiveness: only 1 operator to run full line production.
  • Downstream: tray filler equipment (RCF).
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