Filter rod maker for NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters.
The NWA filter is a monoacetate filter without paper. Only tow and triacetine to constitute the filter. NWA filter is used as single or in combination with other filter tips.
Filter rod maker for SHAPED filters.
Outstanding product quality thanks to unique technology. Any shape available on request.
Filter Rod Maker for monoacetate filters, white and black, flavoured, slim, other types.
Filter rod combiner for dual, split dual, triple, quad, recess and cavity filters. Capable to handle any base rod type, including NWA and SHAPED filters. Possible combination with cuttable and non-cuttable segments.
Crimping unit to produce paper filters or filter with other special materials. The Crimping unit can be integrated with the MONO rod forming section or it cab be supplied as a freestanding unit with integrated cabinet to be interfaced to any other rod maker. Very modern and compact unit, with 2 bobbins, crimping rollers in single piece, crimping ratio adjustable from the touch panel.
Tow Opening Unit is a free standing tow processor with its own electrical cabinet on board.
It is the solution for quick replacement of old existing tow processor or it offer the additional tow opening line in any case of special filter (2 tow bales need).
Filter Tray Filler

Accessory system for the automatic filling of filter trays, with buffering capacity on inlet and outled side. Ideal solution to be integrated into a filter making or filter combining line.
Massfilter is a filter Buffer to be used in a direct link between the filter rod maker and the combiners (or the cigarette makers).
Massfilter is also adopted as a tray unloader to feed a filter shooter.
Efficient and price competitive.
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